The crew of creators rules

We expect high standards of behavior in the game and social networks from each participant of the Partner Program.

Confidential information

Under the terms of the Partner Program, you can access unreleased game content or learn something about the future of the game from a private Discord channel. This access is a privilege and must be respected. Please treat any non-public information as confidential unless a member of the Modern Warships team has advised otherwise.

Information disclosure

IT IS IMPORTANT! Whenever you promote or support the Modern Warships Affiliate Program or share bonus codes or a credit to contributors, you must and disclose your association with us.

Some country and international laws require that you inform your audience that you are a member of the Affiliate Program and benefit from the Artstorm team. If you do not follow these rules, the authorities may impose a fine and we may need to end your participation in the Program - we all need to take this seriously. Here's what you need to do to make your audience understand that you have a relationship with us:

Relationship with Artstorm

The benefits provided to you should not be confused with employment with Artstorm. You are not an employee of Artstorm and remain an independent content creator and must identify yourself as a member of the Modern Warships Affiliate Program. You agree to provide us with any requested tax returns or similar information.

Removal from the program and cancellation of support

You acknowledge and agree that your current participation in the Modern Warships Crew program and your eligibility for benefits is at our sole discretion. If you do not comply with the Artstorm Code of Conduct, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, or these Program Rules, or behave in a manner that we deem inappropriate or harmful to the community, you may be removed from the Program and your support will be ended. If deletion occurs, for this reason, you will no longer receive the benefits of the Program and you will be owed nothing, and you agree you will not attempt to rejoin the Program or apply for the Program under your name or any other name.


Program support is subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to change these Program Rules as our game and community grow.